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Metal Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Hempel Special Metals offers a wide range of metal powders for metal based additive manufacturing (AM), so called 3d metal printing. Manufacturing processes include selective laser melting (SLM, also known as laser powder bed fusion LPBF), laser metal deposition (LMD, also known as direct metal deposition DMD) and electron beam based additive manufacturing (EBAM). Our metal powders are spherical, non-porous, flowable and exhibit a high packing density. Due to these properties the metal powders are ideally suited for the 3d printing process. The particle size distribution is adopted to the manufacturing process. We are glad to advise you on a suitable powder for your needs. As an independent metal powder provider we are able to offer you the best available market solution.


Marcel Zuber
Marcel Zuber
CBDO Chief Business Development Officer



                Ni-base alloys



                More materials on request       

Powder size distribution

                15-45 μm (SLM, LPBF)

                45-105 μm (DMD, EBAM)

                Other size distributions available


                Selective laser melting (SLM, LPBF)

                Laser metal deposition (LMD, DMD)

                Electron beam additive manufacturing

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