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Super austenite Alloy 24

Super austenite Alloy 24 is a material that lives up to its name, distinguishing itself from standard stainless steels, 6%Mo steels and all duplex grades thanks to its corrosion resistance, strength and attractive pricing. Developed in the 1990s, production of Alloy 24 ceased following a merger of the manufacturer. Now, however, Hempel Special Metals has resurrected Alloy 24 and sees a bright future ahead for this material which is ideally suited to demanding applications such as marine scrubbers and the chemical process industry. Stainless Steel World met with CEO Mr. André Hempel and materials specialist Mr. Rolf Kirchheiner (Dipl.-lng.) to learn about the history of Alloy 24 and the exciting future that lies ahead for this remarkable alloy.

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