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Additive Manufacturing Services

Hempel Special Metals offers metal powders, build plates, wires and consultancy for your 3d metal printing projects. Besides common metal powder alloys based on Ti64, CoCr, Ni, Al or Fe, we also offer metal powders according to your requirements. You need advice for your 3d metal printing project? Whether powder bed fusion based manufacturing (SLM, LPBF, EBAM) or manufacturing by laser cladding (LMD, DMD) - we will answer your questions about materials, the 3d printing process and post treatments. Due to several years of research activity in the field of metal based additive manufacturing, we have practical experience to support you in the best possible way. Are you planning to become active in the field of 3d metal printing? We will advise you on the opportunities and risks and will be happy to accompany you as you get started. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


There is not much news to report from the procurement markets. There are signs that delivery times in stainless steel and nickel alloys are getting shorter again. If cars cannot be produced because of missing chips, etc., stainless steel is not needed. If 350 million Chinese remain in "lockdown", no consumer goods will be bought either, and so one can continue the arguments that point to an easing rather than a tightening of the procurement situation. Less output requires less input. Commodity prices have stabilised; sure, there is still speculation in the energy sector and sure, we have inflation and shortages, but also "nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked". The war in Ukraine will probably continue and provide a shock or two. But we will (unfortunately) have to get used to that, too. In summary, this means that we have seen the highest prices in the stainless steels and nickel alloys and the delivery times will probably remain longer than normal, but will hardly get any worse. In titanium, on the other hand, we probably haven't really seen the "high" and the "shortage" yet. That will probably be the case in early summer.    

The times of scarcity and high commodity prices are the times of www.econoxx.com. Join in and publish your remaining stocks. The market will thank you. The same applies to scrap. Scrap is raw material; we simplify your processes and offer good prices. Ask your account manager at Hempel or go directly to www.econoxx.com.





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