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Additive Manufacturing Services

Hempel Special Metals offers metal powders, build plates, wires and consultancy for your 3d metal printing projects. Besides common metal powder alloys based on Ti64, CoCr, Ni, Al or Fe, we also offer metal powders according to your requirements. You need advice for your 3d metal printing project? Whether powder bed fusion based manufacturing (SLM, LPBF, EBAM) or manufacturing by laser cladding (LMD, DMD) - we will answer your questions about materials, the 3d printing process and post treatments. Due to several years of research activity in the field of metal based additive manufacturing, we have practical experience to support you in the best possible way. Are you planning to become active in the field of 3d metal printing? We will advise you on the opportunities and risks and will be happy to accompany you as you get started. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Injections" give hope!

The economy is showing signs of recovery, but it seems to be going in step with politics, disoriented. The pandemic is characterised by imponderables, but it is in the nature of things that opportunities and risks shape our lives and we have to deal with them on our own responsibility. The state, on the other hand, is trying to control the risks of the pandemic with varying degrees of restrictions on civil rights. Their effects are limited and the collateral damage is growing. So hope lies in the vaccination and the cash injection. Both have more effect, but are not equally effective. Vaccination, with its 90% protective effect, is unequivocal. Money, on the other hand, runs wild and speculative bubbles are formed: Stocks, real estate and eventually metal prices. Sharp corrections, as we have just seen with industrial metals, are the logical consequence. Stainless steel prices, however, will not follow the short-term metal price trend. Global production of stainless steel fell by 3% to 50.7 million tonnes last year; only China and Indonesia increased by 2.5% and 15% respectively. Although consumption has fallen, are prices supposed to rise? The outlook and capacities are decisive for the further development. Prospects appear intact and production capacity is still limited and there is a pent-up demand for large-scale investments. Apart from the aviation industry, all other sectors show clear signs of recovery. If the wave of bankruptcies is indeed prevented by the money injections, nothing will stand in the way of a sustained upswing. At a later date, we will be presented with the bill for the generous distribution of money.        

March 2021



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Additive Manufacturing Services

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