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Special Stainless Steel

Hempel Special Metals stocks special materials include not only the well-known nickel-base alloys such as Alloy 59, but also high-alloy stainless steels for process plant. The so-called 6 Mo materials (1.4529, 1.4539) are also in stock and available in all product forms.

One special material solution, for example, is 1.4565 / Alloy 24. This material is mainly used in chemical apparatus engineering, shipbuilding, power generation and water treatment. Recently, the Alloy 24 has also been supplied in large quantities for ship exhausts, & gas purification (Scrubber). In these applications various environmental influences come together (high chloride and sulphur content, an increased temperature and dynamic load), which places high demands on the material. With the 1.4565 we can offer a material solution with an excellent cost/benefit ratio.


Wido Glombitza
Wido Glombitza
Sales Manager Industry & Econoxx