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Additive Manufacturing Services

Hempel Special Metals offers metal powders, build plates, wires and consultancy for your 3d metal printing projects. Besides common metal powder alloys based on Ti64, CoCr, Ni, Al or Fe, we also offer metal powders according to your requirements. You need advice for your 3d metal printing project? Whether powder bed fusion based manufacturing (SLM, LPBF, EBAM) or manufacturing by laser cladding (LMD, DMD) - we will answer your questions about materials, the 3d printing process and post treatments. Due to several years of research activity in the field of metal based additive manufacturing, we have practical experience to support you in the best possible way. Are you planning to become active in the field of 3d metal printing? We will advise you on the opportunities and risks and will be happy to accompany you as you get started. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hempel Special Metals promotes the circular economy in the sector

Responsible use of our planet's finite resources is sustainable. In concrete terms, it is about saving raw materials, energy efficiency and minimizing emissions during production of steel. In this context, the so-called circular economy or the cradle-to-cradle principle is of great importance; the use of resources and the production of waste are minimized by closing material and energy cycles. In the case of steel, this can be achieved, among other things, through durable construction, reuse of leftovers and recycling of scrap. Stainless steel production in electric arc furnaces mainly uses steel scrap, the use of which can be up to 90% depending on the product and the availability of the right scrap. The additional use of stainless steel scrap offsets the primary raw materials and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions from about 6 t CO2 to an average of 2 t CO2. This 4 t CO2 reduction corresponds to a saving of 1800 l petrol per ton of stainless steel scrap used. However, sustainability should take place even before the scrap is recycled. With the metal trading platform www.econoxx.com, Hempel has been offering a solution for the circular economy in the sector since 2016, in which leftovers, cut pieces, surplus stocks and 2nd choice products in valuable semi-finished products are made available to the value chain again in a transparent and efficient manner. If no buyer can be found, Econoxx.com also takes the material back at scrap value and ensures that the scrap is recycled in the steel mill. The trading platform is becoming increasingly popular and today has over 1,000 registered users. Currently it is also a good time to look at Econoxx.com, because material is scarce and the price of scrap metal has risen by more than 60% within a year, while steel prices have risen by an average of 30%. Join in too and register or contact your account manager at Hempel.

Read also the market report with interesting price information.

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Additive Manufacturing Services

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